Established in France in 1958, D.B.X. International® provides Architecture, Interior Design and Construction services.
Quickly growing as a specialist in these fields, we started to work overseas in 1971, and moved into China in 1992.

DBX International ®-Greater China, was founded in 2004 to strengthen our growth in Asia and streamline all our projects in this area.

Now, with more than 25 designers and 120 workers,
DBX International ® has become one of the leading Design and Build companies in Shanghai.

We are specializing in projects within the Commercial, Industrial and Leisure sectors.
Our clientele includes Fortune 500’s company, multinationals, large and small local companies as well as government institutions.

Through the years, DBX International ® has enforced our company’s values in all our projects:

INSPIRATION, by designing beautiful spaces that answer our client’s needs;
BUILD well, with genuine materials and constructions protocols;
CARE about the project, while others would care more about money;
RESPOND quickly to the Client’s need;
SERVICE well, as the Client needs to operate without worries.

And when others just talk about these values, at DBX, we live by them.


At DBX®, we love designing award-winning projects; more importantly, we love creating clients that are fully satisfied.

What does your new project Interior Design looks like?

Every project is unique, that is why will first come and discuss with you.
Using cutting-edge design or traditional approach, we will make sure that all our designs are completed within your recommendations.
Our excellent reputation in space planning also means that you are guaranteed to be satisfied with our layout.
DBX International® Interior Design Services include, but are not limited to:

  • 1) A full analysis of your needs
  • 2) Test fit drawings
  • 3) Space planning
  • 4) Concept drawings
  • 5) Finishes and fittings
  • 6) Furniture
  • 7) 3D Renderings
  • 8) Submission and Construction drawings

Give us a call, to see how we can bring inspiration and sustainability into your project.

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When it comes to Design and Build, DBX International® IS the company you need to call.

Unless, of course, you prefer to go through the nightmare of coordinating designers, landlords, government bodies, umpteen workers and
sub-contractors, each having its slightly different take on your design. At DBX®, we prefer to handle everything for you.

And because we complete over 50,000sqm of projects each year, we are experts at it. Regardless of the size of your project, our professional
teams will take your project fit-out from conception to successful completion.

Our D&B services cover everything from initial building surveys to move-in day and beyond, we’re there to take care of it all.

Because it is controlled by one company, there are no misunderstanding, slip-ups and missing parts.
We will keep you updated and informed, without bombarding you with every little detail.

Most importantly, your project will be delivered on time and within the budget allocated. No nasty surprises.

Many companies we have worked with value the guaranteed quality, low risk, cost control and ease of a full managed D&B solution.
This is what we do best!

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DBX International® assists clients on identifying its real space requirements and needs. This is to ensure our clients are satisfied before leasing
a new office space.

Our works are different from the real estate agents and are often complementary, as we provide you with hands-on information on your future premises. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • 1) Office growth analysis: understand your existing requirements and growth expectations, inventory of existing furniture and equipments;
  • 2) Space Requirements analysis: calculate your future space requirements, make sure that you don’t rent to big – or too small - premises;
  • 3) New office building assessment: calculate real floor usable area, estimate M&E and IT infrastructure,
  • 4) New building space planning: provide preliminary test-fit;
  • 5) Estimated cost: how do potential locations compare? Estimate what it will cost to design and fit-out your new premises.

All these services will save you both time and future headaches.

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You just renew the lease of your premises and yet it needs a serious refurbishment?
You are looking to redo the place without interrupting your operations?
Why don’t you call us?

DBX International® will provide you with practical solutions to your new requirements.

We understand that each project has different needs and priorities.
Our solutions will provide you with excellent alternative to completely new office, as well as great value for money.
We will seat down with you to establish your different needs and priorities.

Then we will create, work and transform your office while making sure your daily operations run smoothly.

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DBX International® also provides Architecture, Interior Design, Construction and Project management to overseas clients.

You have a project abroad and you need a professional company to do it?
Or you are living abroad and you are looking for a smart solution for your project, in order to build fast, professionally and for less money than with Europeans or Americans contractors?

Why don’t you contact DBX International®–Greater China?

We design, build, manage and deliver your project, faster and for less money than our Europeans and Americans counterparts!

We handle everything, from architecture design to construction and implementation. As it’s all controlled by one company, there are no slip-ups, slowdowns or missing supplies. Being one team, we can communicate and overlap tasks smoothly, meaning we can fast track your project to deliver it 30% faster and 20% cheaper.

Our expertise covers the following industries:

  • Infrastructure
  • Commercial
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial

Depending on your location, we will send in our experts and craftsmen, or our project management team during the entire length of your project.

We will bring OUR expertise to YOUR country,
Making your project a SUCCESS.

Send us your specifications, and you’ll see what DBX International® – Greater China can do for you.

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our vision


During all these years, we have worked hard to bring our clients inspirational designs and good craftsmanship, at competitive prices. We have also strived to teach our employees about best practices and construction protocols. Doing it in China was sometime difficult, but I sincerely believe such commitment and dedication was worth it.

As our new website comes online, I can’t help remember and thank all the clients that have trusted us. We did amazing projects together.

In 2009, when others were closing down or reducing manpower, DBX® streamlined its workers, trained its designers. We won various projects. We also started to conduct worldwide projects, not from Paris but from Shanghai. We grew stronger…for you.

We are often asked what makes us different from our competitors. DBX® response is simple: Our will to satisfy YOU, our desire to build better, our eagerness for long term commitment.

DBX® is and will be there for you, to continue designing amazing places and build them like you are expecting us to.

This is what we do best.


“Design by excellence” 是50年来我们一直追求的理念,在秉承传统理念下,我们的团队考虑符合本土国情,比如风水理念等等,为满足各方客户的要求而继续孜孜不懈的努力着。我承诺做到:

国际化: 为客户提供一流的确实可行的国际化设计方案
高品质: 确保公司所有的项目严格符合国际建筑标准
合理性: 充分体现整个工程费用的价值合理性

让 DBX 与客户成为永远的合作伙伴,是客户值得信赖的朋友…….

Kelly Li – 李雅萍

our clients

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Our addresses:
lane 351, Wuyi Rd. 5/F, Shanghai, 200050, P.R.China
and No.145, Pu Jian Road. Shanghai, 200050, P.R. China
Tel : (86 21) 51182020
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DBX International® is proudly working on the following projects:

  • LAMPL Business Center, at The Exchange Tower (1400sqm)
  • MI TIERRA Mexican Restaurant (Yong Jia Rd, 1600sqm)
  • CROCS show room
  • EVERBRIGHT PRAMERICA Office, expansion and remodeling
  • PANCOSMA Workshop (Jiading Malu, 1850sqm)

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